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[REVIEW] Can You Keep a Secret?

I’m sitting on a plane next to the great Jack Harper, creative genius and source of all wisdom on business and marketing, not to mention the deepest mysteries of life instead. And what do I do? I blabber on about fascinating subjects such as what kind of underwear I prefer. Great career move, Emma. One of the best. —Emma (page 80)

Title: Can You Keep a Secret?
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publisher: Dial Press
Published: 2005 (first published on 2004)
Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-0-385-33808-2
Price: US $12 | CAN $17
I rate it 5/5 stars

Here are a few random secrets of mine, off the top of my head:
1. I once had this weird lesbian dream about my flat-mate Lissy.
2. My G-string is hurting me.
3. I put ‘Maths GCSE grade A’ on my CV, when I really only got a C.
4. I broke my boss’s mug last week and hid the pieces in my handbag.
5. I have no idea what NATO stands for. Or even what it is.
6. etc.

Everybody has secrets. So does Emma Corrigan. But unfortunately, when she was on her way home by airplane, the plane got turbulence. Then the panicky Emma told her whooole secrets to a stranger who sat beside her. At first, Emma felt nonchalant by telling all her secrets to a stranger, because she positively believe she will never meet that stranger. Anymore.

Well, it was.

Now that the stranger comes to her office and people call him the joint founder of Panther Corporation—a place where Emma works—, Emma has just realized that this is a DISASTER. The stranger who knows her every secrets is Jack Harper, her big boss. And he will take a week to stay in Panther Corporation.

What will Emma do now? He keeps disturbing her with her secrets. He also says ‘hello’ to her with I-know-your-secrets expression. Can he keeps her secrets?

“Relationships are a battle. They are a chess game. And what did I do? I just threw all my chess pieces down on the board at once and said, ‘Here! Have them all!’” —Emma (274)

This is my second Kinsella’s and I have to say that I enjoy Can You Keep a Secret? more than I’ve Got Your Number. Yes, this book becomes my favorite! By finished reading this book, I think I’ll have to start collecting all Sophie Kinsella’s novels.

The way the story goes is almost the same like her other novels. Two boys. One girl. The girl have a special relationship with one of the boy. But then the girl doubts her feeling. And you can guest the rest! She will fall in love with the other boy, the one who finally comes in the middle of her relationship with the first boy. I can say that this is very Kinsella’s (and maybe other writers, too).

Does it make me feel bored? No way!

Well, I admit that there’s nothing new in this novel. It’s just so-so. But why I put this book on my favorite shelf? I like Emma Corrigan, the one who tells story in this book. She’s not the girl who acts the way she was, really. She pretends she like this, she was that, blablabla. But by doing things like that, she is being herself. Because that was her, the one who collects her secrets by pretending things and doing something weird. She is unique and fun. And her blabs made me laugh.

Also I love Jack Harper (I think he will be one of my book-boyfriends this year, noted this). He knows Emma’s secrets, all of them. You know what would happen if a man knows your secrets, even the most privacy one? First thing that possible is he would disturb you with those secrets. So does Jack Harper. He keeps disturbing Emma with her secrets, even he puts her secrets as one of the thing that slip out in his conversation with Emma’s boyfriend, her workmates, and also her family. Well, it’s annoying, but it’s fun too. The way he treats the secrets doesn’t call mocking. He just teases her in positive way. :p

If I remember those scenes, I can’t help myself giggling.

The last thing that I love from this book is of course, Sophie Kinsella’s style in writing. If you ask me who my favorite chic-lit writer is, it will be Sophie Kinsella. When I feel bored and need some fun in reading, I go to Kinsella’s. When my heart is broken by someone, I go to Jack Harper. :p The weird thing is, I feel happy and relieved the time I finished this book. Definitely those kind of books that I would probably enjoy in the next read, if I want to re-read it someday.

Lovable book! RECOMMENDED to everyone (boys and girls, everyone)! :)

The truth is, some relationships are supposed to last forever, and some are only supposed to last a few days. That’s the way life is. (page 318)


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