Wednesday 12 February 2020

Book Club: Intro & February Pick

Remember last time when I said that I need reading pals?

Considering that me and two my best bookish friends lost track of our reading habits for some times, we decided to form a private book club consists of us three. We know that if we continue living with no fiction in our minds, we might as well be empty and dry for the rest of our oh-so-normal days.... *oke, ini lebay parah, ya nggak gitu juga kali, Lin!* :') Eh, tapi ini beneran lho, rasanya kayak ada yang hilang aja gitu kalo lama nggak baca buku, istilah normalnya aku kurang bisa jelasin gimana, tapi kalo istilah sok kerennya ya empty and dry itu tadi. :v

Friday 24 January 2020

Please Help Me Read More Books!!!

I felt like I've been slapped in my face when my very best friend, Novi, sent me this video..

Seriously, like, why the hell she always manages to say the right things at the right time? T_T

Just several days ago, I was having a tea while watching my bookshelves (YES, WATCHING THEM! NOT PICKING THEN READING ONE OF THOSE!!!) that I haven't even seen, let alone touched, for probably a century, no.. for probably six months, which felt like six centuries! Yes, you can imagine HOW DUSTY they are right now! I was there doing nothing but sipping my tea as if I didn't have a lot of things to do (AS IF I COULDN'T PICK A BOOK AND READ AT THAT VERY MOMENT) and thinking... "God... I miss reading.. I miss having that peaceful time when there's nothing on my mind but little fairies and magic and even that stupid love triangle.. I miss having fun in reading and talking about them in this shitty blog... I miss having read-together-time with fellow bbi members.. I even miss that moment when I only read one sentence in a book then fell asleep.."

Yes, that was precious times.

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Most Anticipated Releases on First Half 2019

a weekly meme adopted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Hello guys! How's your first week of 2019? I myself didn't do much, tho.. just having a one day trip with my family and grandmas and cousin and her new-born baby boy! Very crowded, indeed, but fun! Hope you guys also have a great time with your family or buddies~ 😄

Alright! Back to this week topic: what books you mostly can't wait to be released and read by the first half of 2019? Here's my list! The first 3 books are on my very top list btw!!! ♥

Slayer by Kiersten White
Expected publication: 8th of January, 2019
It released TODAY!!! I was so DAMN happy when two days ago I found this book. I'm a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and so ready to another story related to that bad-ass Buffy! God I'm so excited I might burst into tears!!! 
To Night Owl from Dogfish by Holly Goldberg Sloan
Expected publication: 12th of February, 2019
I'm so in love with Counting by 7s so I'm really interested in finding how this book would turn out! 
The Mermaid's Voice Returns in This One by Amanda Lovelace
Expected publication: 5th of March, 2019
I love the first installment of this series, and even I haven't read the second book yet, I can't wait for this one!

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