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[REVIEW] The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Title: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Author: Stephen Chbosky
Publisher: Pocket Books, Simon and Schuster Inc.,1230
Publish: 2009 (first published 1999)
Edition: English (e-book)
Page: 230
ISBN: 9781847394071

The Perks of Being a Wallflower adalah novel pertama Chbosky yang kubaca. Dan sejauh ini, The Perks of Being a Wallflower berhasil membiusku begitu parahnya. Karena, hobi si Charlie ini benar-benar hampir sama denganku. Itulah mengapa aku lumayan cepat menyelesaikan buku ini. Yah.. hanya 4 hari. *sombong* Maklum, biasanya kalau baca e-book English gini bisa sampai berbulan-bulan. Hehehe. And sorry for the late review. Selain modem lagi males kerja, aku juga lagi nyusun review ini serapi mungkin.

Hah? Disusun?

Iya. Nggak biasanya memang. Karena aku membuat review ini dengan cara yang berbeda. Dengan cara Charlie menuliskan kisahnya. Melalui surat. Seharian aku menulis surat ini khusus untuk Charlie. Meskipun nggak jelas untuk siapa surat yang dibuat Charlie, aku tetap menganggap surat itu ditujukan untukku. *pedenya kebangetan*

July 21, 2012

Dear amazing Charlie,
            Ive read your letters so far. Since the first time you sent me the first letter, I didnt know whether you wrote the letter for me or not. You didnt even mention my name. And we didnt know each other. We still dont know each other, exactly. But, I kept reading your letters. Because I know you need someone to share your life. The most possible reason that came to my mind is.. because Im just like you.
            You dont know about that?
            Well.. you wrote letters. I did, too. You sent it to me. I didnt. Thats it!

            Your first letter was on August 25, 1991. I was so confused the first time I read yours. I mean, who the hell did send me letters like this? I was didnt born either. Was he doesnt have something to do except make me confused with this shit? That was my questions. But, still, I read yours. Until I knew who you are. Until I recognized you as a wallflower. Someone who are too shy to show yourself. And finally I found that you are special.

 One thing I do know is that it makes me wonder if I have problems at home but it seems to me that a lot of other people have it a lot worse. (page 11)
          My first perception about you after I read your first letter is.. youre so full of snivel. The only sentence I want to tell you is.. Dont be a crybaby, bastard! Im so sorry, Charlie.. but thats the only thing on my mind at that time, the first time I read you. Well, Charlie.. but, then I realize that youre still immature. Youre just a boy who was going to face your first day at high school. I know its difficult for you, especially youve just lost your best friend. Be calm, Charlie, youll get your new best friend, later. One or two, theres no difference.

We accept the love we think we deserve. (page 33)

            After I judged you as a crybaby that time, the other time I read your next-next letters was just different. I knew its just you, still you. But its totally different. I was starting to envy you. Why? Because youve read To Kill a Mockingbird and others. Even youve read The Catching in the Rye. And youre just smart but you didnt even know it. Geez. It made me envy you, uh, sorry, I mean.. it MAKES me envy you SO MUCH.

Do you know what I mean? That nice feeling when you look in the mirror, and your hairs right for the first time in your life? I dont think we should base so mush on weight, muscles, and a good hair day, but when it happens, its nice. It really is. (page 76)

Since I knew youve read those amazing books, I kept reading your letters. Without complaining. Without calling you bastard. Without my guessing. I was just kept reading. Until one time in one letter, I started to cry.
            I didnt know what happened. Why did I cry? And how? I was just reading your life, not mine. But.. honestly, it reflected mine. *curcol*
            Do you mind?
            Do you mind if I tell you mine? I hope you dont mind. Because we almost the same.
            Nope! Were not exactly the same. Life. Nobodys life is the same. Maybe it was just my random thought. I sometimes write my life in my privacy notes. Nobody has read it. Only me. You also dont allow reading those. I just want to tell you that we have the same hobby. Writing letters. Although my letters belong to nobody, I keep writing. Just to remind me what happened to my entire life. You know, we as human have limited memory. Thats why I write mine. To decrease my load.
        At first, I thought what Im doing is ridiculous. But when I read yours, I know Im not ridiculous at all. Im just a wallflower. Im too shy to tell someone about what I feel, what I think, and what I want to do. And sometimes Im afraid to show off—my skill and my idea. Even with my family, I do not act better. The only one I trust is my lost best friend.
            Are we almost the same?

I dont know if youve ever felt like that. That you wanted to sleep for a thousand years. Or just not exist. Or just not be aware that you do exist. Or something like that. I think wanting that is very morbid, but I want it when I get like this. (page 104)

To tell you the truth, I was stoned in a bad way, and I couldnt get the question out of my mind. (page 156)

            One thing which make me feel sad about you is when you consulted too much to you psychiatrist. Youre weak in your soul. You didnt know who you are. You couldnt face something with your brain keep cold. Youre too afraid. You sometimes blamed yourself. And you always cried a lot.
            I didnt know what came over me that time. I didnt call you bastard or crybaby anymore. I was just sad to know this thing. The only thing on my mind is.. I want to hug you. As long as you want. Until youre getting better. I want to be there.. for you.

           Charlie, if youre reading this, I know that youre an old man. Not a teen anymore. Its because you wrote those letters when youre teenager and I was not born anymore. And Im so sorry for my belated-replay.

Then, he started crying. Then, he started talking about Brad. And I just let him. Because thats what friends are for. (page 173)

            Im not a teenager right now, Charlie. Because if I am, I wont understand this. I wont understand all of your changes to be a mature. Im definitely young-adult. Im in transformation to be a real-adult. And I hope I could be you. Understandable. Always listening your friends problems. Always being there for someone who needs you. And other things which make you so special.

I think everyone is special in their own way. I really do. (page 197)

            Do you know, Charlie? If youre on the same age like me, I would like to meet you in person. Why? Because Im in love with you. Not in that way you used to feel about Sam. But this way. I want to be your friend. Please.. friend is more than enough.
            Well.. I know its irony. At first I thought youre a crybaby and call you bastard. But now, I really please you to be my friend. Im sorry about that! Really, I mean it. Im so sorry for being so rude at first.

So, I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe well never know most of them. But, even if we dont have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. (page 227)

            Umm.. Charlie,
I think I should end this letter of mine. Ah, ya, I remember your last paragraph on your last letter. I will tell you the same thing, too. Please believe that things are good with me, and even when theyre not, they will be soon enough.
            And I will believe the same about you.
Love always,

Charlie bukan cowok sembarangan. Dengan sikapnya itu, dia sudah cukup bisa menarik hatiku. *aww* Secara ya, cowok di buku genre fantasy biasanya too good to be true. Tapi Charlie ini bukan dari fantasy. Dan karakter cowok seperti dia kemungkinan besar ada di dunia nyata. Itulah mengapa aku menyukai Charlie. Harap-harap cemas ada yang seperti dia.

Dan kalau nanti ada cowok seperti Charlie, aku yakin aku mau ngegebet dia (yah.. emangnya dia mau sama elu, lin?). Frontal banget ya? Yah.. maaf jadi curcol. Tapi, siapa sih, yang nggak tertarik sama Charlie? Udah smart, baik, ga-nepsongan, understandable, suka menolong, rajin menabung, udah baca buku-buku keren yang belum pernah aku baca lagi. Uuuuh.. where are you, Charlie? *aku disini, linda.. tapi aku sudah tua, tidak pantas untukmu!* (?)

This book is WONDERFUL! Banyak pelajaran yang bisa kita ambil disini. Terutama oleh kalian yang masih remaja dan belum menemukan jati diri. Jadi, baca deh! Udah ada versi Indonesia-nya belum, sih? Kalau ada, pengen beli nih hahaha. *maruk* The Perks of Being a Wallflower is VERY RECOMMENDED for everyone, especially teens/young-adult since I gave 5/5 sparkling stars for this AMAZING book.


  1. Surat untuk linda:
    lin, aku merasa terjebak baco review ini..spoiler dak? idak yo? T-T
    anyway, yg jd charlie di film nyo tu Logan Lermaaan! Hihihihi

  2. halo Linda salam kenal yah :)

    pengen banget nih baca buku ini, semoga ada yang mau nerjemahin, nggak sabar nonton fimnya juga ^^

  3. ahhh aku juga jatuh cinta sama si Charlie.. and yeah, one thing that kept me from reading another book is because he is more like me, you, us, and many other people. Plus, dia udah baca banyak buku2 keren yang bahkan aku belom baca. >,<

    pengen nonton filmnya jugaaa

  4. novi: idak kok, nov. Itu kan surat untuk Charlie.. (?) Hahaha iya, Logan Lerman! *uhh ganteng!*

    peri hutan: salam kenal jugaa.. :D
    sama! kalo ada terjemahannya, aku beli kali hahahaha. *semoga film-nya cepet ditayangin di Indo*

    ana: kayaknya semua pengen nonton film-nya deh hihihi. ayo ana, kita berjuang untuk cinta kita terhadap Logan Lerman eh, Charlie. :D
    yang paling buat aku kagum, Charlie baca buku2 keren itu berulang kali! *.*

  5. keren banget. penasaran, bukunya kira-kira dijual ngga ya di indonesia:(

  6. Bukunya belum di-translate. Yang jual di Indonesia juga nggak tahu ada apa kagak versi English-nya. Coba cari di toko buku online. Tapi kalau film-nya kemungkinan bakalan tayaaaaang! :D

  7. Hai, salam kenal linda, kamu baca lewat e-book ya? Boleh minta linknya ga? Dari kemarin aku cari cari ga nemu(:

  8. Hai, salam kenal juga. Coba kamu googling, kalau nggak ke link ini:
    Atau biar aku kirim ke e-mail kamu. Mau? :)

  9. kalo ga ngerepotin kirim ke e-mailku aja, soalnya link yang kamu kasih ebooknya bahasa spanyol, aku ga ngerti, ngertinya bahasa inggris doang :D

    p.s: aku yang pake anonim

  10. Oh, maaf. Nggak ku-cek lagi sih sblm ngasih link-nya. -.-
    Link yang english udah di hapuuus. Yaudah, aku kirim ke email kamu. Email kamu apa? Soalnya di blog-mu nggak ada info email. :)

  11. aku tunggu yaa(:

  12. Halo Linda reviewnya sangat bagus! Sedihnya saya belum baca novel ini, dan link yang ada di komen kamu udah ga ada 4shared :(

  13. hi Linda , aku penasaran mau baca ebooknya , tolong di kirimin dong ke alamat email ku , yang bhs inggris .... thanks

    1. Udah lama aku kirimin, lho. :)
      Happy reading!

  14. hey linda, aku juga mau dong dikirimin plis..
    kayaknya yg english justru lebih 'kerasa' bacanya. thanks :)

    1. SENT.
      Lebih kerasa baca bukunya lho daripada nonton film-nya. Happy reading. :)

  15. Hallo Linda..
    finally nemu :D
    aku baru2 ini liat trailer filmnya, trus jd pengen nonton sama baca bukunya. kalo boleh kirimin ebooknya ke emailku ya, aku cari k mana2 gk ada filenya..
    btw, reviewmu keren! ^.^

  16. halo linda, thank you bgt reviewnya, it got me intrigued to read it! :) Kalo boleh, boleh minta ebooknya? bisa kirim ke email aku di Thanks before :D

  17. Halo linda, salam kenal ya. Boleh gak kamu kirim ebooknya? Aku penasaran banget sama bukunya? Boleh tidak?

    1. Boleh, kok. Email-mu apa, btw?

    2. aku juga mau dong :) email aku thanks ya

  18. saya juga mau dong email:

  19. fira, retno, fadi: sent. Happy reading!

  20. Hi Linda.. aku penasaran banget mau baca bukunya. Aku udah nonton filmnya, tapi masih penasaran gimana bukunya..
    email aku (:

  21. Hai Linda, kemarin aku baru aja nonton filmnya, tp masih penasaran sama isi bukunya.. aku boleh minta gak?
    Thank you sebelumnyaa :)

  22. halo kak Linda.. aku boleh minta dikirimin link downloadnya juga? tolong kirim ke atau ya.

    makasih banyak kak.. :) :*

  23. halo linda, salam kenal
    baca review nya jadi pengen baca juga, hehe
    boleh minta filenya? tolong kirim ke

    makasih banyak :)

  24. Hei linda.. :)
    saya jg minta filenya dong.. tolong kirim ke ya..


  25. halo... boleh minta ebooknya juga? tolong yaa..
    makasih, salam kenal :)

  26. Hello, Linda. Aku suka baca review kamu.
    Jadi penasaran, boleh minta ebooknya boleh tidak? Tolong kirim ke sini ya kalau boleh

    Terima kasih, dan salam kenal, Linda :D

    --Maaf aku pakai anonim--

    1. Bagi yg minta ebooknya, udah dikirim ke emailnya semua yah.. *lagi baik* ^^

  27. novelnya dijual di indonesia ga?

    1. Dijual, tapi masih versi bahasa inggris, Vania. :)

  28. hi kak linda terima kasih untuk review nya yg sangat menarik saya jd pengen baca juga hehe
    boleh minta kirimin ebooknya ga? ke
    terima kasih kak... sukses terus :)

  29. Hi kak linda boleh minta copy an novelnya? Boleh dikirimin ke email ku ya trimakasih ka! :)

  30. hai, kak! aku udah liat filmnya dan belum puas jadi pengen baca bukunya, ternyata belum ada versi indonesianya ya, aku cari di toko buku online adanya yg versi englishnya aja dan harganya mahal ya -_- boleh minta kirimin ebooknya gak kak? ke kak, makasih sebelumnya yaa hehe :)

  31. Hai, mbak, salam kenal. Aku baru aja nonton filmnya trus tertarik pengen baca novelnya, tapi ternyata belum ada versi bhs Indonesianya, aku boleh minta e-booknya juga gak mbak, soalny di tempat ku susah banget cari novel luar. Ke email ku ya:
    Makasih banyak sebelumnya

  32. Ayo yang punya bakat nerjemahin ato punya kenalan penerbit translet donk!

    1. Errr.. aku juga heran kenapa sampai sekarang belum ada penerbit yang nerjemahin buku ini. >.<

    2. halo salam kenal :) hbs liat filmnya trs jd penasaran bgt sama bukunya. nyari2 di internet terus nemu blog kamu, aku juga boleh minta tolong kirim ebooknya ga? hihi thankyou before :) nice blog btw

  33. aku baru nonto filmny baru-baru ini, dan penasaran sama novelnya. boleh kirim ke ? salam kenal kak :)

  34. Hi kak! Boleh minta ebooknya ga? Kirim ke makasih sebelumnya

  35. hai kak boleh minta ebooknya juga? Kirim aja ke makasih


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