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[REVIEW] A Midsummer's Nightmare

This was a nightmare.
I was supposed to be at the condo, wasting time on the beach, just Dad and me, figuring out college and my life and spending time together. Instead, I was in a new house with new people—including a future stepbrother who'd seen me naked.

Title: A Midsummer's Nightmare
Author: Kody Keplinger
Publisher: Poppy
Published on: June 2012
Number of pages: 291
ISBN: 978-0-316-08421-5
Price: $8.48 on BookDepository
I rate it 5/5 stars

Whitley Johnson expected this summer would be great at his father's condo. She had packed everything and thought every great things that would happen on her summer before being a freshman in college. She even wished she would talk about college thing with her father, deciding together what major she should take.

But things weren't going right when she and her father went to a new house in a small town, not a condo near the beautiful lake she used to visit. That new house was not the biggest trouble, anyway. There was a woman called Sylvia welcomed her the first time Whitley arrived there.. her father's soon-to-be wife. She had two children: Nathan and Bailey. Worse thing about her children was: Nathan was a boy she slept with at the graduation night weeks ago. And now he's going to be her soon-to-be stepbrother? Prepare yourself, Whit!

Lived in a guest room in a new house with a new family, the changes of her father (even she never had a chance to talk to him!), her stepmother who always tried best to make great impression toward her, her real mother who always blamed her father, Bailey and Nathan, a boring small town party, and gossip over town about her which made her looks like a slut were all she got in her summer. Was there anything more than those worse of the worst? Could Whitley handle this unexpected summer? Read this and I believe you won't stop reading until you reach the last page of the book. :p

"You are my family," he said.
The tears almost started up again. Those four little words meant so much to me—which was stupid, really. They were just words. But they were words I'd been wanting to hear, wanting to believe. You are my family.

I've known Kody Keplinger's name before and placed her The DUFF on my wishlist since long time ago, but this book got on my hand first. Although it's not mine, I'm glad I gave it a try. Really glad! IT'S A FUCKING AMAZING BOOK!!! *lalu teriakin sumpah serapah kayak Bailey, meski ga nyambung juga sama review (?)*

The story is focus on family thing, which is good and seems real for me. Reading this book somehow made me believe maybe there was a family issue like this one has, somewhere. I like how Kody Keplinger tells story. Although it brought up family issue, the story doesn't look hard and mellow, instead it's fun read and things poured up in this book seem natural.

If you ask me who's my favorite character, I'll tell you I love almost them ALL. I love Whitley and her dark side. She's such a bitch, slut. But that's why I love her. She's not that kind of person who talks fake things just to make a smart perception. She's just being herself. And I love reading this book by seeing everything from her PoV, sometimes you laugh but sometimes you feel sorry for her too because of miserable things happened in her life.

I'm in love with Nathan. REALLY IN LOVE! Whitley soon-to-be stepbrother is to hard to resist! He's nerd, but hot, too. He's innocent and he's not a kind of full-of-lust boy. :p He's gentle and knows how to make people smile around him. (Dear all the boys I've loved before, since months ago I've fell in love with another fictional character. His name is Nathan from A Midsummer's Nightmare and he already decides to go on a date with me sometime. *lalu dilempar flip-flops sama Whitley*)

I love Bailey, Harrison, and Sylvia. Bailey is a sweet teenager that you'd feel so fortunate if she happened to be your sister! Harrison is an amazing guy friend. He can be your brother and a fun friend to talk with. He also amazing at being your free costum-advisor. :p Sylvia is a good stepmom. I have to admit that she's an amazing woman with that big patience she has. I'm totally sure Sylvia is a mother you can talk everything you want and make you feel safe with her.

RECOMMENDED! Book you won't wanna missed! Feel free to read it anytime, but I suggest you read it on summer to get more feel. :p Anyway, thanks for Nana @ Reading in the Morning for lent me this book. Thousand hearts for youuuuu! :*

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