Monday, 31 December 2018

Rewind 2018: both bookish & personal matters

image source: tumblr (yaiyalah, aku mana punya kucing~)

I'm a bit surprised myself for being able to log into this blog again after so many sorrows happened in the history of my blog's archives. Instead of just putting a banner "HIATUS" or "This blog has been disbanded" and never come here anymore, I decide to make a proper post. And after so many thoughts, this one turns out not to be a goodbye post,

...but a rather emotional you-can-see-my-heart post. ♥

For the past months I always had an urge to delete this blog. But then when I thought about what would happen after I delete this blog, I felt sad, and broken. This blog has been with me for so long and I even call this a home, for me and only me.

When I didn't really have friends to talk about all books I have read, this blog came in handy. It always has a place for me to share everything I think and feel about those books. And even I didn't have so many readers or viewers, it didn't matter. I already shared my thoughts about those books and I felt so relieved. It was good if people found my reviews helpful, and it was even better when all those words on my not-so-smart brain have been written here and at least someone's reading it. Yes, I could talk about books to my sister E and my dearest friends N and D, but talking is so much different compared to writing. So that's it, I think I can never delete this blog, ever, because this is a home for me to talk about books in a way I want and love.

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