Saturday, 21 July 2012

About New Look & Fasting Month

Hey, everyone! (Actually I wanna call you 'buddy' but my sister said it sounds like I only say hello to Buddy. Well.. I'm not sure who Buddy is. Lol.)
How's life? I'm good, anyway. As always. (Really?)

Well.. I'm not going to talk so much this time. I'm trying to be 'to-the-point-person'. What about my blog's new look? I wish you'll like it like I do. I love my header's color. It's one of my favorites, you know? And about my background, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It's a map! Map of some places in books. If they were exist, I would go there somewhere. *love love love*

Besides new look, I wanna ask forgiveness since we're 'moslem' in this FASTING MONTH! How are you in this first day? Are you fasting now? Yes, I am. Hope I can do fasting full in one month--although it's impossible!

picture taken from Pinterest
edit version

Happy fasting! And.. definitely not fasting for books! Hahaha. :D

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