Friday, 29 March 2013

I've Got a New Beast

I don't like animals, you should know that! Even I don't like that-cute-cats-my-friends-are-talking-about. Yes, I hate them. But.. I do love owl, because they're cute.. and they're impossible to be owned by me. They're expensive. And I will never know how to treat them well. And I've sworn to myself not to keep any pet for my entire life.

But.. my swear isn't a vow or something like that. Someday I probably could break it off. And it proved on last year that my parents were the ones who did it!

Well, I came home late that day. It was 7th of June and tomorrow's my birthday. I didn't think about my birthday, anyway, my brain overloaded with assignments and exams and competitions and more. It could be exploded in any moment. I took a shower first because I always feel better after that. I wore my favorite pajamas and laid there on my bed. But, before I could close my eyes, somebody opened my door..

'Who the hell is that?' was the only thing I could say. I turned on the lamp on my bedside table and then.. I saw it! It was fabulous. The most beautiful creature I've ever seen in my life. And it reminded me of Dumbledore, a person I always adore.

You call it PHOENIX, guys!
Mom and Dad gave me that!!!!
And to always reminds me of Harry Potter, I've given "Fawkes" as its name. :))

I don't know how to treat that beast correctly as Dumbledore did. But.. for my surprise, my Fawkes is always alive, like the one I've seen in Harry Potter. It dies, but it will be born again in minute. It cures me and my parents scars. Always! And I just realized that I love animal, well, in this moment I can call it beast, yeah.. I love beast so much. I'm so happy to have you, Fawkes! It's almost a year I have you as my lovely, anyway.. :)

P.S.: this story is just a work of fiction.
P.S.: I made this to involve in Hotter Potter March meme.

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