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[REVIEW] A Match Made in High School

I skimmed the alphabetized list for the S names. There was mine: Sheehan, Fiona. I prayed that for once in my miserable life I'd be just a little bit lucky and then slid my eyes over to the name next to mine. Harding, Todd. "Son of a bitch." (page 12)

Title: A Match Made in High School
Author: Kristin Walker
Publisher: Razorbill
Published: 2010
Number of pages: 278
ISBN: 978-1-59514-257-3
Price: $9.50
I rate it 3.5/5 stars

Due to the increasing number of divorce, Principal Miller added new subject for senior in East Columbus High School. It named "Trying the Knot", a compulsory subject to be entered if they want to graduate from high school, a marriage education. Couples of the marriage will be chosen by computer. In their a-year-marriage period, they should earn for real money, do consultation every week, and more things the real couple do but it's pretty clear that they don't permitted in doing any physical consummation.

Fiona Sheehan, who is having crush on Gabe Webber, wishes that she would be 'married' with him. But the fortune is not with her. So instead of being Gabe's bride, the computer chooses Todd Harding as her groom. While Todd's girlfriend, Amanda Lowell, is the one who becomes Gabe's bride. The thing is, it's okay if she got anyone (even she would be pleased if she got the big guy like Johny Mercer, Marcie—her friend—'s couple in fake marriage), but please no Todd. In her eyes, Todd is a 'brass ring', not a 'golden ticket' like Amanda said. Worse is he is Amanda's girlfriend, well.. Amanda always calls her Pee-ona instead of Fiona because she ever wet her pants in a pony ride long time ago. No doubt Todd will do the same prank on her (or worse), since they don't have brain, she thought.

What will happen next after the match? Will Fiona and Todd turn into a lame theory like from hatred to love? Will Gabe love her back? And what about Johny? He's too kind to Fiona, he even take the blame for him although it must be Fiona to blame due to her stupid prank on Todd.

Read this and you'll laugh out loud just by reading Fiona's actions. :p

"You can't forget the bad stuff, and you can't pretend it never happened. You have to own it. You have to make it yours. Because once it's part of you, then you can build on it. It becomes a piece of the foundation of who you are. And who you'll become." (page 216)

Although this book doesn't get a-perfect-five-stars from me, this one is a FUN read!

I like the unique theme which is called "Trying the Knot" in this book: the principal told the seniors to do the marriage ed, it's a must to-do. Without doing Trying the Knot a.k.a marriage ed, they won't be able to graduate from high school. It's silly, but then I say, it's fun too (this is a point of view from a reader, if I'm the one who participate in that ed, I'm not sure I'm still telling you it's fun). The point from that ed is to introduce the students about marriage life so then they won't do disaster-in-marriage like divorce or something like that. The fun thing here is they won't choose their own partners. Computer does that thing... and they HAVE TO accept their partners depend on the result on that computer.

I do also love almost all characters in here. They all aren't perfect: they have their positive and negative sides. So does our main character, Fiona! Well, this is absolutely my first time being introduced to a 'snob' main character like Fiona. She's the girl with glasses and Pride and Prejudice on her lap. We would think that kind of girl must be a nerd and have no idea about making prank on someone. But there she is, Fiona with her prank and her unsuitable-nerd-nickname. Since she is being partner with Todd ("the guy who make-out a lot with his girlfriend and have no good side" in Fiona's opinion), she's always thinking about the best way to make fun of him. Well, actually Todd started the prank, but the prank Fiona made was worse that Todd's.

Fiona is this kind of girl who always judge people from their covers. Never want to hear what people said and she's insensitive about people's feeling. Well, I can say that she's not a protagonist, but antagonist. See? What a unique character. The other characters of course the protagonists. They are the one who become 'the victims' of Fiona. And they are the one who give advice, and said quotable words. My favorites here are Samantha and Todd. Sam is a cute little girl who can act more mature than Fiona do (note: Fiona babysits Sam, okay?). Todd is not that perfect guy, too. But besides his annoying-make-out with Amanda, I like the way he said his sarcasms or did his prank. (note: I can't remember how many times I've laughed by reading this book.) xD

Anddd... after I finished this book, I don't think that the marriage ed is the whole point we can take from A Match Made in High School. The marriage thing seems not in the-first-floor-pyramid anymore when I almost came to the end. It's a bit vague. All I can see from this book is about the progress of Fiona's characteristic from a snob 'till become someone who thinks of making-prank-is-not-always-that-good. :p And also, don't make a judgement just by how they look. Know them, and you'll surprise when your first judgement to them are totally wrong.

Enjoyable book! Recommended for those who are seeking for a fun read. :)))

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