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[REVIEW] The Chaos of Stars

My parents brought me into the world to die. They didn't love me enough to keep me forever—they didn't even pretend like they did. My entire childhood of warmth and love was drawing in the sand—impermanent and fragile and gone in the breath of wind. 
Just like me.

Title: The Chaos of Stars
Author: Kiersten White
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publishing Year: 2013
Number of Pages: 304
ISBN: 978-006-2135-88-9
I rate it 4/5 stars

Isadora was a daughter of Isis—Goddess of Motherhood, Magic, and Fertility— and Osiris—God of the Underworld and Afterlife—, but she was no goddess like her mother other than a normal teenage girl who trapped in Egypt inside her family's temple, as she has always been. Knowing that she was mortal unlike her parents, she started to think that she was born just to worship her parents so that they remained in their immortality. And the thought of that made her hate her parents to the point she wanted to runaway from them forever.

Her wish suddenly became so possible when her mother who always took bad dream as a reminder, decided to send Isadora away from Egypt. For the good of Isadora, she said. Isadora then lived with her brother, Sirus, in San Diego, where she thought things would turn out just right as she expected them to be.

But Isadora's wrong. Not only because Sirus turned out to be silently married and that his wife was pregnant, but also the job thing in the museum her mother told her to do through Sirus couldn't do her sickness for ancient mythology thing she tried to escape. Her expected free-life-from-her mother's-hand was faraway from her grips. Things couldn't get more complicated when suddenly an intruder tried to stole something that connected to her family. And that her fear of falling in love into a guy named Ry with his crystal blue eyes added the stress of her new life in San Diego.

"How do you let yourself love something you know will end? Don't you feel sick all the time? Terrified? What will you do when you lose him? Even if you don't break up, you'll die. It won't matter in the end."
"Isadora, sweetheart, that is the saddest thing I have ever heard. I don't say this lightly, because my mom is a therapist and she drives me nuts with the analysis, but have you considered therapy?"
"I don't mean to be depressed. I just... I used to think I was part of something that would last forever, you know? And it didn't."
"I don't know about forever. It's not something that concerns me. And maybe Scott and I will get married and have fifty babies and be old and wrinkled together. Or maybe we'll crash and burn and break up, and if it happens it'll be devastating, but what we have now makes me happy. And I can live in that happy, and feel safe there, knowing that even if things change, I'll always had this. You know?"

I didn't know how or why I stumbled into this cutie pretty Egypt mythology fiction after all. All I know I was so .... *okay cut this sentence, it's personal though I've written it in Goodreads* and that brought me into my e-book app and randomly read this and without me realizing I've read almost half of the book! -,- Clearly I just realized my reading speed is increasing in that kind of personal state? Noted that.

Back to the book, it was a fun and light read, and I think it's a fresh start for me to a mythology thing. Yes, if I'm not false remembering, this is my first time reading a mythology genre since this book is the only one on my mythology shelf. :p And I should say it was a good start! Although this book isn't so phenomenon like the so called Percy Jackson series, I'm so glad that I found this book in the middle of my bad hair day. It was kinda fresh me up! Aside from mythology genre, it was also a teen-lit (maybe this is the reason why it's fresh me up), but I still can fit into that teen thing because I'm surely still a teenager.. *slapped by Isis* :"

I never read anything by Kiersten before, and by that means this is my first time reading hers though The Chaos of Stars is not her first book: Paranormalcy is, and I feel kinda bad for just knowing it when I finish reading this because I never had any interest to read Paranormalcy. Anyway, I love how Kiersten started every chapter with some paragraphs of Egypt's god and goddess story start from Amun-Re—God of the Sun— existed. And I love how well Kiersten build the story and a bit twist she slipped on!

About the characters.. yes of course I fall for Ry!!! A Greek guy who loves to sit and dream by himself while writing his own poetry. And the fact that he knows all the restaurant with good food is a plus plus plus point (aside from his beautiful eyes which already made me like him) because I won't think twice if he ask me to have breakfast or lunch or dinner or anytime he wants and I don't bother about getting fat anymore! *okay, this is too much, knowing that I almost love every main male character in fiction*

"I didn't fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we'd choose anyway. And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and choose you."
*literally melting*

Isadora is a strong character, I admit it. But I rather choose Tyler as my favorites than Isadora. She is lovable actually: fun to talk with and brave and smart and clearly rebel, but if I was happened to stand in front of her, I'd better to not make any contact and run away to Egypt into Isis' laps. And her shallow opinion about mortality and relationship is somehow making me irritated even if I understand why she felt like that. That I like-dislike her, I also have the same feeling towards her relationship with Ry. It was cute actually. But then again because of her shallow opinion about relationship, I pity Ry so much.

Tyler is different—she is my favorite! Just as another side-kick character, she is friendly and funny and checked all the points a best friend has. And I wonder when and where in reality I would find one.. ;_; Another characters didn't show up so much, but they built up well. Isis, who looked so strong outside but lovely inside. Osiris, her mother's opposite, looked pathetic but inside he actually cares and could turn out rage when he's mad or upset. Anubis, Isadora's half-brother who was so stupid and terrifying at the same time. And Sirus, best brother of all!

I don't know whether this is spoiler or not (better you don't read this paragraph), but I couldn't help saying this: I'm still disappointed that there's no chapter about Ry's poetry. :'( I've waited this for so long but found out nothing! That's why I decrease half point and another half decrease because of Isadora, so that it left four stars.

If you love mythology, you better read this book! Maybe it's not as magnificent as another bad-ass mythology fiction, but for me this is definitely one of a light best read! Not only entertaining, but this book also taught me not to lose your trust of your family.

"If mortality is such an awesome gift, why does life hurt so much?"
"Maybe because you're doing it wrong?"


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