Tuesday, 21 April 2015

[Top Ten Tuesday] All Time Favorite Authors

a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish

This Tuesday topic is about all time favorite authors, which the meaning for me is the author whose books succeed in leaving a special and deep impression in me. Here's the list, half of them are Indonesian authors. ^^

Tere Liye. I haven't read all of his books, just several of them. But I won't hesitate put him on the first list in my favorite author because.. God! His books always left me with tons of emotion and tears! Also I like his books because it always seems real and so-human (pardon my ugly words) and just because of its simplicity!
Orizuka. If I want to read something light but full of lesson, I will definitely pick Orizuka's. I love her because her books always make me smile every time I close the last page of hers. Other reason that makes me favorite her is because she is friendly. I would definitely so GLAD if someday I could meet her and talk about much things like friends usually do! :3
Esti Kinasih. I have read all of her books and I like them all although not all of them are my faves. All of her books are on teenlit genres and reading them always reminds me of being a high school student. But sadly, she haven't published any book recently while I've been waiting forever for the last book of Jingga dan Senja trilogy! :'(

Windry Ramadhina. She's one of my favorite authors because her books always give me warm feeling whenever I read it. Memori was my all time favorite of hers!
Raditya Dika. Seeking for a real fun? Reading Raditya Dika's self experience through his books always makes me laughing out loud!
Sophie Kinsella. After finishing my first Sophie Kinsella's, which was I've Got Your Number, I bought all of her books without doubt! Aaaaaah her books were fresh and fun and yes, making me giggle everytime I remember a stupid scene between the main characters. xD
Rachel Hawkins. I love her because of her Hex Hall series. It was a fantasy but it was a fun read! I really love her writings even if in the end she made my heart break. x)

J.K. Rowling. Who doesn't know her? She's definitely the most brilliant author of all time!
Neil Gaiman. His books are mostly weird! But its weirdness is the reason I fall in love with his books.
Mitch Albom. The way I see Mitch Albom is just the same as I see Tere Liye. Their idea in their books is probably the simplest idea ever but it always left me with deep impression. As I closed the last page of their books, I couldn't help but hug it as long as possible.

So, those are my top ten all time favorite authors, who's yours? ^^


  1. Tere Liye, Orizuka, Windry Ramadhina juga penulis lokal favoritkuuu <3 Aku juga masukin Sophie Kinsella & Mitch Albom di listku :D

    1. Buku2 mereka collect-able bgt sih ya. Sukaaaaaa! <3

  2. I love how many of these authors are totally unknown to me! Thanks for sharing.

    Here's mine!

    1. Urwel. Glad for sharing. You should read one of theirs then. :p

  3. J.K. Rowling is definitely my number one favorite author. ^^

  4. John Green is my favorite author! I also adoooore Sophie Kinsella's books!


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