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[REVIEW] Before I Go to Sleep

"Tomorrow? I have no tomorrow, I thought. Just as I had no yesterday."

Title: Before I Go to Sleep
Author: S.J. Watson
Publisher: Black Swan
Published: 2011
Pages: 372
ISBN: 978-0552-164-13-9
I rate it 4.5/5 stars

When we woke up from sleep, sometimes we felt dislocated: what day is today, what dream we dreamt last night, or so. But those things just happened temporarily. Minutes later, we could figure out all those things.

Not like Christine.

Every time she woke up, she would forget all that happened yesterdays. She would forget that she's married to Ben for years. She would remember herself as twenty years old her, then confused when she found out a man slept beside her and a reflection of her in the mirror but it's way too old. The time she found out those surprising facts, Ben would explain to her that he's her husband and that there was an accident which caused her forget yesterdays whenever she woke up from her sleep.

How could she know that he's telling truth or lie?

Fortunately, she had her journal. Without Ben's knowing, she met a doctor named Nash who helped her to cure her unusual amnesia. He has suggested her to write everything happened in that day in her journal, so the next day she could read the journal after he reminded her to read them.

But something's strange about the journal. Ben didn't know about it. She even hid it from Ben. Also in the front page, she has written DON'T TRUST BEN. And after reading half of her journal, she figured out that Ben has been always told her lies.

Who is Ben? And what caused her amnesia? In a time like this, is there anyone who can be trusted? With a journal as her weapon and in only a day, she tried to find the mystery behind her amnesia.

...tomorrow you won’t remember that memory. That’s the problem. You have no foundation on which to build.

This book is AMAZING for a debut!

I love the story and the way Watson described how depressed to be Christine who always lost her memory every time she wake up from a deep sleep. I cannot imagine to live just for today and not remember anything about my past before reading my own history in my journal (FOR GOD'S SAKE IT'S TIRING!). And yes, I should write in my journal before I go to sleep because every single words has important roles to my tomorrow.

And can you imagine living with a man who told you he's your husband but telling you lies? It's terrifying! I mean, it's true that he's nice and all, but we don't know anything, right? In a condition like that, we don't know which is the truth, or is that a lie? We don't know. The fact that we can be fooled in this condition is totally terrifying. Christine's life was terrifying!

I felt sure that there must be a key, a memory that would unlock all the others.

I have no favorite characters in this book but I think all the characters are fine. But let me talk a bit about Christine since she was the main character here. I didn't really pity her and her life-after-the-mysterious-accident. Most of the time I just felt raged and didn't really care because all that happened to her was all her fault. But I didn't hate her though! (This is confusing, really! Confused with my own thoughts!) :v Same thing could possibly happen to us (I HOPE IT WON'T!). I also couldn't really blame her. People around her also took the blame. And I kinda disappointed when I found out the rest of her family was like that. How could they be so careless?

About the ending..
How should I describe this?! *speechless and eerie at the same time*

Watson gilaaaak!
*tiba-tiba englishnya hilang* *biarin*
So I guess this year is about penulis-berdarah-dingin? Kalo gitu aku setuju.
Karena kisah tragis itu terkesan lebih indah nyata..
Karena happily ever after itu nggak selalu ada.. :')

Well.. the message of this book: jangan selingkuh! Please, jangan! Meski rumput tetangga kelihatan jauh lebih hijau, pokoknya jangan nekat mampir-mampir meski bentar. #apeu

This is like dying every day. Over and over. I can’t imagine going on like this for much longer. I know I’ll go to sleep tonight and then tomorrow I will wake up and not know anything again, and the next day, and the day after that, for ever. It’s not life, it’s just an existence.

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