Monday, 26 January 2015

2015 TBR Jar Challenge

TBR Jar by NYC BookWorm
In one of my last year's post, I ever said I'd use new method that I've never used before to beat the piles of book in 2015: choosing book-to-read by picking title randomly from a jar. Actually, I intended to do the challenge by myself because I don't think I can be a good host of a challenge. :v But, it turns out to be different now! I found a host of reading challenge that bring the same idea, TBR Jar Challenge. Without thinking twice, I signed up for this challenge this year! ^^

Here is the challenge guidelines that I've copied from the host page:
1) The challenge will run from January 1st, 2015 – December 31st, 2015. The sign-up link will remain open all year round. Feel free to sign-up whenever you wish, just as soon as you find yourself getting overwhelmed with picking your next book, perhaps this process will help.
2) Anyone can enter! You don’t have to be a blogger or even review the book you’ve read!
  • IF you are a blogger, there will be a form going up on January 5th which you can use to keep track of the books you pull out of the jar and link according to the review (examples will be available as well).
  • IF you are not a blogger, simply snap a quick photo of the book (either name or image of book cover as directed above) and share it on any social networking site you may be a member of (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) but be sure to label it with #TBRJarChallenge!
3) Any genre, length, or format of book counts. Doesn’t matter when it was published either. E-books, short stories, novellas, or ARC’s are also allowed. There are many ways to do this, but here are two most common (and easiest):
  • Write (or type and print) out the title & author of each book on your TBR Jar list.
  • Fill out each slip of paper with various genre’s, places, formats, etc of a book you can think of (and know you have a copy of). Here are some examples: Book 400+ pages long, Written in the 20th Century, Takes place in a different country, Male main character, Non-fiction book, Debut Author, Science-Fiction novel, What the Dickens!, etc! Over at POPSUGAR there’s a great list to choose from as well!
4) Lastly, you don’t have to follow her to join the challenge, but it’s helpful if you need inspiration or to see whether or not it really works. And you do have to at least sign-up with your name and link of either your dedicated blog post or social network address.

Sounds easy and fun, right? Well, you can read or ask more about this challenge on the host page here. ^^

I've made list of book title that I want to read this year but I still haven't found the jar to make it really looks like a tbr-jar-challenge. So instead of picking the folded small paper from a jar, I shake those 20 folded small paper with my hands and wait until one of the paper out. Sorry for this weirdness, I hope it's not out of the rules? :p

Well yeah, mine is just 20 folded small paper. It's a quite small number, but I promise to add titles in the list if I've read almost all of those title and it still takes too long to go to 2016. Wish me luck with this challenge! Happy reading and beating the number of book piles, everyone! ^^


  1. I was also planning to do a TBR jar in 2015, but gave up half-way because there are too many titles that I need to put inside XD But I really like the idea of writing topics instead of book titles for the jar :D Good luck with the challenge! ;))

    1. Thanks, Stef! Hopefully I can make it since the titles are not that much. :D
      Well, maybe you can consider to join this challenge too since you can writing topics instead of titles? :p

  2. Awal tahun ini aku juga coba metode ini. Awalnya sih karna liat di instagram. Rada ribet sebenernya karna harus masukin semua TBR kedalem jar dan takutnya malah dapet buku ke 2 atau ke 3 dari satu trilogi padahal belum baca yang pertama.-. Btw, goodluck buat challenge-nya kak. Oh ya. Salam kenal ya. Hehe

    1. Iya emang agak ribet. Makanya aku nggak masukin banyak2 trus buku serial sengaja ga dimasukin ke dalam jar. :p
      Salam kenal juga, Elia! ^^


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