Tuesday, 21 October 2014

[Top Ten Tuesday] Top New Series I Want to Start

Karena aku jarang posting review dan meninggalkan blog ini dalam kesunyian yang mendalam (ceilaaaah bahasa lu lin!), aku memutuskan untuk setidaknya mengisi blog dengan meme yang sering diadakan sama book-bloggers lain. Selain menjadi pewarna blog yang isinya review melulu, this also would be a sign that this blog is still alive.. :') For the reviews, aku lagi nyicil bayar utang review juga sebenernya.. selow sajaaa.. :p

Then I said to myself: "Welcome to the so called meme of Tuesday, Linda! Jangan aja lo lupa meme hari Rabu dan Jumat yang selama ini lo tinggalin." xD Aku ikut meme khusus Selasa ini nggak setiap minggu kok. Kalau temanya lagi asyik aja baru deh aku mau ikutan. Kalo nggak, yah.. yah.. yah.. bolos! *tukang bolos* So this Tuesday topic is:

October 21: "Top New Series I Want To Start" (New..let's say within the last year or two)

Well.. there are so many series I've always wanted to start reading but most of them are old series. I don't think I can mention ten of them. But as already been told in the page of the host, it doesn't have to be ten, just mention as much as you can. Okay, here are series I want to start reading but still haven't got time to read or haven't got enough money to buy all the complete series. :p

Seven Deadly Sins which is published by Gagas Media. I really wanna read this series because the main theme is unique. Seven books in total, seven sins, seven different writers! #OOOWWWW The Chronicles of Audy is written by my favorite author, Orizuka, but I still don't own this series until now. Aaaaaah.. should buy these books soon!!!

The Fifth Wave was already in my wishlist for too long but I was not really in my mood to purchase because it's in English and I'm suck at reading Dystopia in English. (Really!) But then it was translated in Indonesia so I think when I'm back to Indonesia I'll start buying all books on my wishlist that I have delayed in my buying history. I was purchasing H.I.V.E randomly at online shop because I interested just by reading the title: Higher Institute of Villainous Education. Lemme give it a try! ^^

I'm a fan of Rachel Hawkins since I read her Hex Hall "Incredible" series! I want to give Rebel Belle a try. But still, I really wish the publisher in Indonesia will translate this book. :p I haven't read any Jenny Han book but I interested in To All the Boys I've Loved Before just because its title. Duh..

I'm not really a fan of If I Stay but I would like to read Just One Day. It's already translated in Indonesia but I think I prefer reading in e-book first. Sorry not sorry. :p I brought the first book of Cormoran Strike with me so I think I probably will start reading this series soon in this year. Wish me luck! (Yeay!) ^^

That's ten eight new series I want to start reading. What about you?

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