Wednesday 12 February 2020

Book Club: Intro & February Pick

Remember last time when I said that I need reading pals?

Considering that me and two my best bookish friends lost track of our reading habits for some times, we decided to form a private book club consists of us three. We know that if we continue living with no fiction in our minds, we might as well be empty and dry for the rest of our oh-so-normal days.... *oke, ini lebay parah, ya nggak gitu juga kali, Lin!* :') Eh, tapi ini beneran lho, rasanya kayak ada yang hilang aja gitu kalo lama nggak baca buku, istilah normalnya aku kurang bisa jelasin gimana, tapi kalo istilah sok kerennya ya empty and dry itu tadi. :v

Sebagai pembuka, kami memutuskan untuk memilih buku dengan topik yang ringan dulu (dan mungkin untuk selanjutnya bakal baca yang ringan-ringan juga hahahah). Young-adult kayaknya terlalu kemudaan untuk kami yang udah tua ini, sedangkan mystery atau thriller atau science-fiction terlalu susah untuk dijadiin first read book-club kami. Jadi, akhirnya kami memilih chick-lit, karena selain topiknya ringan, umur kami juga lagi cocok-cocoknya baca genre ini~

Without further ocehan nggak penting, we announce our first read would be:

taken by my sister. thanks, sis! and sorry for disturbing you almost on all occasions!

Yep, so we are currently reading The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. We planned to read different book or perhaps different topic for each months tho, and we dearly hope this plan will go well! Since this book is in our book-club list, I will not post review of every books listed in it. Instead, I will post the book-discussion (just for the records!). In order to make this book-discussion happens, so far we are only throwing questions to each others about this book. However, if you want to throw us questions about this book, you are so welcome!!!

Wish us luck!

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